[OSD600 Series] Release 0.3.3 - Doing code reviews


Francesco Menghi laid the first UI block for the new status dashboard, showing various Github metrics.

nguyenhung15913 added another metric card to show the number of posts in Telescope.

The reviews

Add GitHub stats to the status dashboard

The changes is live on staging server 🎉.

Francesco did a great job on the core javascript logic. All the data were fetched and added to the DOM. Reviewing his changes, I saw a potential improvement in the CSS of the card. The card initially was uneven, their height varies on the content of the card. I locally checked out his PR, play around with one card and came back with some suggestions.

Francesco applied the CSS changes from the default assets of Material Dashboard 2. After a few discussions, we reached the final structure with BEM convention and a separate css sheet outside, keeping the default assets intact.

Adding posts count to dashboard

After jumping in and out a few PRs discussions for the dashboard, I understood how the routing and backend data fetching worked. We also started to have project hierarchy in place for javascript and css files, so I suggested applying those changes into the current PR. It was a bit hard as the branch usually had not picked up the changes from master which actually was continuosly updated with new PRs this week.

At the time of writing, the PR was almost ready to merge. There were still some hick-ups around rebasing, hope to see it went live soon.