[OSD600 Series] Release 0.3.2 - Contribute to Telescope status dashboard


In Add live build logs in status dashboard, it was a nice enhancement to show everyone the build status, as only the owner can access build status from deployment sites. Using an existing React app I port the logic to vanilla JavaScript.

Patched in Fix #2415: add live build logs in status dashboard, a barebone implementation from the React app was added.

Solving the issue

To be honest, I delayed much on the issue because of the dev setup and fetching logic. Having worked only on the frontend of Telescope, I had zero ideas how to get the data from backend. The routing for backend from status page at that time still had a lot of issues. It's great to see now all of them are sorted out, and the dev setup works out-of-the-box (props to sirinoks).

With that state of the app, I just tried to port the logic from the existing React app. It was not to difficult, it was just more verbose.

I had been in Reactland for so long that working in vanilla JavaScript, without npm install, was a bit confusing. Luckily, I can still modulized files with JavaScript Modules, which was a part of the native web and didn't need any bundlers (e.g. webpack) setup.

There were no access to node_modules so all the libraries are delivered using a CDN. Calling libraries from global namespace is a bit magical, and slightly agitating. Scripts also needed to be imported in the correct order inside html. Querying for element was such a nostalgia from the early days of learning webs.

All in all, it was a fun ride back to Just JavaScript™️. Undoubtedly, the language itself has drastically improved over the short 2 years since I first learned web.