[OSD600 Series] Refactor & Rebase

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[OSD600 Series] Refactor & Rebase


When I do refactoring, I mostly focus on code responsibility and readability. I try to have all functions looking like this:

function doSomething() 
  if(isInvalid) {


    throw new Error()    



Basically, I often break large functions down to smaller chunks. That way, I can skim through methods and understand what they do just by looking at functions that it called.

Fortunately, I mostly did logic extraction and renaming, so the program didn't break. I was able to fix one small bug though, by re-reading the documentation when I refactored the ArgsParser.

refactor: remove duplicate parsing in ArgsParser

There was an implementation that had bugged me for a while. I was kind of storing the parsed CLI arguments in 2 places: ArgsParser and Options. Therefore, everytime I added a new flag, I had to add the flag in both classes.

Since I used a third-party library, they suggested calling another method that received the Options (e.g. Run(Options opts)) in Main. However, I don't like exposing the parsing implementation of ArgsParser to the outside. It's like: "I don't care what the ArgsParser does, just give me back the parsed arguments". That was why I had a duplicate class to do the parsing internally.

Still, it was inconvenient and the code was soaked. I played around a bit with the library parsing method, and I found out that I could just attach the parsed result to an instance of class Options itself. Therefore, I made a static method that acted like a constructor.

Fortunately, the two duplicate classes have the same properties, so I just need to rename Options to ArgsParser and replace ArgsParser constructor with the static method.

refactor: extract to IndexFile from Generator

I noticed that my Generator class was quite large. I started looking for methods that didn't depend much on the state of class Generator, and I found the two methods for generating the index file. They only needed to know where the source of files was.

So, I extracted the logic into a new class IndexFile, whose constructor received a path to files needed indexing. After that, just pass the path to dist directory to IndexFile from Generator.

refactor: rename ArgsParser to CliArgs

Naming things is hard, especially when the responsibilities of them change over commits. Initially, I named it ArgsParser because it was meant to be a collection of static methods that dealt with parsing CLI arguments (that was before I reached out to a third-party library). Now, it's just an storage for parsed CLI arguments; hence, the renaming.


git rebase and git --amend are really convenient for patching up commits. I still remember the horror when I mispelled a commit message, and I had to live with it forever. Grouping commits is a neat feature of git rebase too, my git history looks cleaner and the top-level messages are more relevant.